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E- Marketing

Do you want your business to grow and not sure how to make it happen? Marketing can make a huge difference to your business - but not just hit and miss marketing and advertising - you need to test and evaluate every marketing strategy that you have, so that you can begin to see what is working and what is not.

E-Marketing is all about generating more leads for your business. At Opacity we work with you closely to create the tools, strategies and concepts for generating more sales leads for your business through integrated online marketing systems. The main benefit of e-marketing or online marketing is that it is simpler, more cost effective, easily tracked and can be very successful and profitable if it is done professionally and with a good marketing plan.

We can help you with many forms of marketing - we can audit your current marketing strategies and help you to find new ways to increase your exposure and increase your sales. Internet marketing is becoming more common as it is quicker to test, modify and measure your marketing efforts at a much reduced cost as compared to print marketing. Promotion, new client acquisition, management of current clients and advertising can become a very cost effective proposition through the use of e-marketing.

A Dynamic Business.com poll on 28/2/07, showed that 53.3% of people surveryed reported that 20-60% of their business was generated through online marketing

Benefits of E-Marketing

  • Target new clients
  • Build a database (email addresses, names, phone numbers etc)
  • Increase traffic to your web site
  • Increase online sales
  • Promote new products or services
  • Communicate with clients
  • Establish a greater brand awareness
  • Reduce the costs of acquiring new customers
  • Increase the response rates on marketing efforts
  • Expand your client base and develop stronger ties with existing clients
  • Viral marketing and referral capability which can greatly increase your database
  • Multi media marketing campaigns - video, flash animation, web TV
  • Email is trackable and you receive reports on your latest email campaign
  • Deliver up to date information and offers to your clients quickly
  • Very cost efficient way to contact clients and build/ maintain your client relationships
  • Can be used alone or as a powerful adjunct to your other marketing efforts such as trade shows, print adverts etc

Take advantage of our years of experience, software solutions to create professional, measurable marketing solutions that are cost effective, time saving - and work!

A study conducted in December 2006 by Datran Media in New York (http://www.dmconfidential.com/blogs/column/Marketing/1181/), found that "marketers still look to email marketing as a major weapon in their arsenal"

"Of all marketers surveyed, 83.2% indicated that e-mail marketing would be the most important advertising medium they would use in 2007. Search marketing was second with 61.7% of respondents indicating that it would be the most important tactic this year, while contextual targeting was third with 27.7%."

Display ads, ad networks, contextual targeting, traditional direct, print advertising, online video, mobile marketing, and RSS tactics rounded out the top 10. If all the hype and lofty expectations are fulfilled, online video and mobile marketing will climb up this list within the next few years.

So, why is e-mail marketing regarded so fondly? Of all respondents, 55.3% indicated that it was because it drove incremental revenue. In other words, it helps them to squeeze more juice out of its existing lemons. Another 19.1% said that it was because e-mail marketing reinforced its brand position, while another 8.5% said that it reactivated customers."

Roy Morgan New Zealand, in 2006 have noted that "Online Advertising is Forecast to Grow in 2007"

New Zealand advertisers, agencies and p ub lishers are optimistic ab out the role of the Internet as part of the overall media mix , with the majority of agencies (85%) agreeing that “the Internet will be a vital component of my company’s marketing strategy over the next three years, according to Roy
Morgan New Zealand Internet Advertising Intentions and Attitudes survey conducted in collaboration with The Internet Bureau.

Most New Zealand agencies have now embraced the Internet 97 % (38 out of 39 ) of agencies surveyed had placed advertising on line in the p ast 12 months. Agencies reported allocating 8% of their advertising spend to online advertising in 2005­2006 financial year. The survey found that general Internet advertising is the dominant online advertising form representing 7 0% of dollars spent by New Zealand agencies, advertisers and publishers on internet advertising.

The strong trend is forecast to continue, with agencies reporting that they will allocate over 12% of their advertising dollars online in 2006­2007.


Why would you consider having an e-newsletter?

There are many reasons why this is something that your business really needs to do.

  • Firstly, it puts your name in front of your clients on a regular basis, so that when the time comes that they need your type of service again, your name is the name they will think of.

  • Secondly, it is a chance to add value to your relationship with your customers. Your newsletter should not be a hard sell opportunity - it should be customer service based and should be a way of educating your customers or introducing new products or services to them that will help their businesses to either gain more customers or to work in a more efficient way.

  • And thirdly, e-newsletters are so much more cost efficient than the old form of mail out newsletters- you save on printing costs, postage and having to pay someone to stuff envelopes. The e-newsletter is quick to send out, very reasonably priced and it has links back to your web site- so you are driving more traffic to your web site as well. Email is the most cost effective form of marketing - and it generates an immediate response from your target audience.

Timing of an e-newsletter is also important. You don't want to bombard your customers with newsletters too regularly as this will reduce the time they are read. Monthly seems to be a perfect time frame for e-newsletters to go out.

Testing - as with all forms of marketing, you need to test the effectiveness of your e-newsletter. Make an offer for readers of your e-newsletter that they can redeem by contacting you via an email link on your newsletter. This will show you how many people are reading your newsletter.

You should then slightly vary the newsletter each month - try different headings, images, offers etc and test which ones work best for you. The aim is to produce a newsletter that works to help build your business.

We can show you statistics about your email newsletter campaigns that can help you to tailor your efforts in the coming campaigns. Make your newsletters work for your business!

Call us on 9440 7769 or email us on info@opacity.com.au and let us show you how to grow your business


Tip of the Month - November


A brand is just the thoughts that people have about your business. Your brand is made up of everything from your logo - the colours and style you use to represent your business, to your office, your printed material, your web site and also the presentation of your staff and yourself. All of these things combine to create the 'brand' that your business presents to potential customers. As Siimon Reynold of Love suggests, you should ideally be able to sum up your brand in a single word and then you should aim to reflect this word in every thing you do. Some examples of this are: Volvo = safe, Ferrari = fast, Virgin = fun.

Branding can make your business less price sensitive, less performance sensitive and allows your business to focus on quality rather than price. Your branding must be consistent so it is vital that you take a long term position and stay there. If you constantly change your brand - alter your logo, change your colours etc, you weaken your brand recognition and thus the value of your branding.

There are several ways to develop your brand. You can develop a

USP - Unique Selling Proposition. What makes your business unique.

ESP - Emotional Selling Proposition. Involving emotion in your brand - eg " Thank you Mr Hooker" - LJ Hooker advertising.

TSP - Tribal Selling Proposition - people want to be a part of a tribe, so offering membership rewards or joining a club etc is appealing to many people.

Suggested reading : "How to get Everything you want out of All that you've got" by Jay Abraham

E-Marketing Methods

Here are just a few of the ways you can use e-marketing to grow your business.

Banner Advertising
Search Engine Marketing
Online surveys
Online referral programmes
Online promotions
Email letterheads
Auto responders
Online games

Contact us for more information about how E-Marketing Methods such as these can make your business grow!