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Your web site is an essential tool for your business and it can be used to do many tasks such as showcase your company or it can be used as a sales and marketing tool. In fact, your web site can be your entire business - you can do bookings online, take payments, build a database, make sales, keep records - the limit is your imagination.

At Opacity Design, we have a team of talented specialists who are experienced in all areas of Web Design and Development, including HTML and Javascript coding, Flash animation, Database Design, .Net technologies, E- Commerce, Business Application Development and Graphic Design for all media.

So, whether you need a showcase brochure site, a database driven e-commerce shop or a multi-media Flash site, we can use our web design expertise to ensure you get the perfect web site for your business.

From small sites through to large, dynamic, database driven sites, Opacity Design can be a valuable partner in your success.

DynamicBusiness.com reports a 2006 Sensis Survey which reported that 48 percent of small enterprises in Australia now have a basic web presence and that the larger the business, the more likely they are to have a web site, with 80% of medium sized businessess now having moved online - so there is a definate correlation between business growth and online activity.



Domain Name Registration

The first thing that your business requires is a domain name. This should be a name that is easy for your clients to remember and spell. You can use the form below to check the availability of your chosen Domain name, or we are happy to do this for you and then we can register your Domain name for you. Names ending in .com.au can only be registered by businesses or individuals holding an abn or a registered business name. Register or renew your domain name here or contact us for information on Domain Name Registration.


The Web Design and Development Process

Your web site should be a continuation of your branding and so should maintain the look and feel of your logo, printed material and styles. If you don't have any of these things yet (if you are starting up a new business), Opacity Design can help you to design these important features that will reflect your business.

When you first make contact with us at Opacity Design, we meet with you to discuss exactly what it is you need. We take time to get to know you and to understand your business. Why do you feel your business needs a web site? Who do you think will use your web site? Who would you LIKE to use your web site? These questions help you to identify your Target Market. This is important because it is with this target market in mind, that we design your site.

We help you to organise the information that you want to tell your clients into a logical sequence and so we help you to decide what pages you need and how many pages you require. Over time, many of our clients wish to expand their web sites and add new pages, and this is always possible. Features such as more pages, online shopping, email capture forms, Flash animation or Digital Video can always be added at any time in the future.

We will help you to identify ways to make your web site really work for your business - it can be a wonderful marketing tool. For example, you can capture email addresses to build a database of clients or interested people and then you can use this database to send out an e-newsletter (which we can design and send out for you as often as you wish - monthly, weekly - even daily). An e-newsletter is a great way to keep in touch with your customers and to get them to continue doing business with you. You may not have considered having online sales yet this is now a commonly used way to purchase. Purchases can be made at any time of the day or night, and customers are now more familiar with this technology and are assured of safe credit card transactions using an SSL or Secure Sockets Layer. Online payments can be made in a variety of ways - from credit cards, to PayPal. We can help you with the many varieties of ways online shopping can help to improve your business.

Once the target market is identified, and things such as online shopping (or e-commerce), email capture forms etc have been decided on, then we put together a Proposal and Contracts for you. This proposal outlines every step of the design and development process with detailed costings and time frames.

The next step is the web design process. This is a very important stage and we take time to make sure you get exactly the web design you want. We help you choose colours, styles, graphics, layouts - everything to represent your branding. It is important that your web site is easily recognisable as belonging to your business - with the same logo, styles etc. Our Web Designers will put together some layout designs and help you to achieve the web design you are happy with. The web design can inclue multi media elements such as Flash Animation or Digital Video if you would like these features.

So the web design and layout are agreed upon and we know how many pages are required etc. This is when our Web Designers will put the pages together for you - with the navigation (the links from page to page). You will need to take some time to plan and write the content for your web site - the information that you want your customers to know. There are some tricks to writing good content for the web and our designers can help you with this, or we can put you in touch with Copy writers, who will help you write the text for your site. Images (photographs, graphics) are of vital importance to your web site as they really make your site come alive. It is well worth spending some money to get good quality photography done - particularly if you are selling items online. We can recommend excellent professional photographers who can help you with taking and styling your shots. Good quality photography can also be then used in printed material such as brochures and advertising.

Once our Web Designers and Developers have the site built, we will list your site with the search engines (such as Google, Ninemsn, Yahoo etc). We design and build your site with the search engines in mind to optimise your chances of being well ranked. Your site is then ready to upload to the web!


Web Site Hosting

You now require your site to be hosted - that is your files need to be stored on a Secure Server so that when a viewer types in your url, their computer will send a message to the server computer that they wish to download your files and the Server sends the requested files to the viewer. This sounds complex but is really quite simple. At Opacity Design, we can provide hosting for your web site from just $15 per month. Contact Us for more details on our hosting packages.


Web Site Maintenance

Most of our clients want their web sites to be regularly updated to keep the information up to date and to include information such as news, specials etc. At Opacity Design, we are happy to do this at an hourly rate. Clients such as Credo Cafe have us regularly update their newsletters, specials, press releases etc. Contact Us for more information on Web Site Maintenance.


  Portfolio Samples

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